Sinkhole Risk Assessment based on Morphological, Imagery, and Contextual Attributes Derived from GIS and Remotes Sensing Data


主题:   Sinkhole Risk Assessment based on GIS and Remotes Sensing Data主讲人:   邱晓敏地点:   松江校区4号学院楼3158室时间:   2018-01-08 10:00:00组织单位:   环境科学与工程学院



内容摘要 :

This study proposes robust methodology for extracting and assessing sinkholes based on attributes that can be efficiently derived from common GIS and remotes sensing data. We first applied a sequence of GIS operations to extract topographic depressions,or sinks, from terrain DEMs (digital elevation models). Then, three types of sink attributes, including morphological attributes related to the size,shape, and depth of the sinks, imagery attributes of impervious surface percentage,vegetation index, and seasonal water conditions for the sinks, and contextual attributes describing the land use, population density, and hydrological flow accumulation for the sinks,are derived from data of DEMs, aerial photos, land parcels, and census population. Lastly, potential sinkhole risks are assessed by the sink attributes. The proposed computerized risk assessment will be valuable for supporting further field-based assessment and verification of the established sinkhole records.



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